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The Barkery Mission

Holistic, balanced, human-grade nutrition for your canine.

The Barkery Formula

Made with real, nutritious, wholesome ingredients sourced locally - free of preservatives & fillers.

The Barkery Benefit

Promotes health and wellness by better absorption of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals & proteins.

Treats & Snacks

Nutritious, hand-made treats made with all-natural ingredients.


Carefully crafted with natural ingredients for those special occasions.

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Real food • Made fresh • Delivered


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Let’s understand your canine’s experience with their meals/food after switching to the Barkery meal plan and what can you as the (paw)owner expect.


A diet rich in nutrition can change your dog’s life. A fresh diet for your dog means it’s made from real ingredients that are fresh, wholesome and nutritional rather than being composed of by-products, artificial additives and fillers. A fresh diet for your dog needs to be refrigerated, just like the fresh food you eat. Larger quantities to serve a longer period will need to be frozen. Fresh food like this enables your dog to get the full benefit of healthy fats, nutrients and antioxidants inside, contrary to many traditional dog foods that have been far altered from their fresh and original state to enable a longer shelf life and lower cost.


We believe that our best friend (more so family) deserves same wholesome food and nutrition that we eat. Not too long ago, dogs were fed a portion of the same food that their human companions would eat, either in raw form or gently cooked. So what changed? It seems that over time, processed food has gained popularity due to the convenience it brings but thats the only benefit or really just a selling point. The inconvenience and health affects of consuming such food becomes evident later and recovery comes at high cost. Luckily, there is enough evidence from research done over many years to prove that most processed food is not healthy food. Not only does it come loaded with preservatives but also the ingredients used are commercial grade and lack nutritional value. This is relatively same for humans and our pet-friends but what makes it worse for those below us in the food chain is the heavy use of by-products. By-products are low-grade products derived as left-overs from the manufacture of human foods. While it maybe good for business and drives high profit but how can it be good for consumption of our pets? There has been a surge in pet health problems over time as processed food has replaced their natural diet.

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